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Conference Name: China Internatinal Smart Grid Forum 2009
Description: China International Smart Grid Forum 2009(CISGF) is the first int’l event on Smart Grid in China and the first official industry forum organized by China Electric Council.
CISGF2009 addresses the paramount importance of using smart technologies for generating, transmitting and distributing electricity in order to move electricity around the system as efficiently and economically as possible. It is an ideal place to enhance your corporate identity and products to a highly targeted, decision-making audience and will provide unrivalled business and networking opportunities between industry leaders, government officials and experts active across the power industry.
Conference Acronym: CISGF2009
Conference Email:
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Chair Mail:
Paper Submission Deadline: 2009-10-28
Review Deadline: 2009-10-29
Conference Creating Date: 2009-08-13
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When: 2009-11-03
Where: Tianjin, China
You can not join the conference now.(Commencing Date: 2009-11-03.)                        

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