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Conference Name: Workshop Proposal for IEEE Cloud Computing 2010: Business Modeling and Assessment in Cloud Computing
Description: Workshop Proposal for IEEE Cloud Computing 2010

1. Workshop Title: Business Modeling and Assessment in Cloud Computing

2. Goal of the Workshop:
The main goal of this Workshop is to bring together researchers, practitioners and industry representatives, providing them the opportunity to present recent research and development results, discuss lessons learned, and present novel ideas on topics in the area of business modeling, auditing and performance assessment in cloud computing.

Workshop Format Organization:
This Workshop will be organized with oral presentations, followed by two rounds ‘Workshop Knowledge Tea/ Café’ on two subjects on business modeling and assessment in cloud computing related to the presented papers (e.g., in order to assure less formal discussions among Workshop participants). A plenary panel and report will close this Workshop.

3. Workshop Organizer
Prof. Claudia-Melania Chituc (cmchituc@fe.up.pt), FEUP/ DEI and LIACC

Professor Claudia-Melania Chituc is with the Department of Informatics Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, Portugal (FEUP/DEI), and the Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science Laboratory (LIACC). She holds a PhD and a MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (Portugal), two licentiate diplomas: in Computer Engineering (from Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania), and in Economics (from the Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest, Romania, being specialized in Finances, Insurances, Banking and Stock Exchange). She has pursued inter-disciplinary research in the areas of computers, economics, and mathematics in Portugal, USA (Purdue University—School of Industrial Engineering and PRISM Center) and Romania. She has participated in several national and EU-funded R&D projects. Her research interest include: service-oriented and cloud computing, economic performance assessment in distributed systems, intelligent systems, interoperability in collaborative networks of enterprises. She Chaired and organized sessions at IEEE International Conferences.
(More information is available at: http://www.fe.up.pt/~melania).

4. Program Committee (tentative)

Liang-Jie Zhang, IBM, USA
Paul Hoffmann, SAP, USA
Randy H. Katz, University of California at Berkeley, USA
Frank Leymann, University Stuttgart/ IAAS, Germany
Thomas W. Malone, MIT, USA
Wei Sun, IBM, China
Calton Pu, Georgia Tech, USA
Patrick C. K. Hung, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada
Claudia-Melania Chituc, FEUP/DEI and LIACC, Portugal

(Note: already contacted and invited several specialists in this area – currently waiting for their confirmation.)

5. Description of Plans for Call for Participation

Cloud computing has become a services delivery platform in the area of Services Computing. Clouds represent resources (e.g., virtualized hardware/ software) that can be exploited by a pay-per-use model. While extensive research is being pursued on technical aspects related to cloud computing, business modeling and economic fundamentals in cloud computing receive little attention. So far, relatively scarce research has been pursued on clouds’ analytic modeling, audit analysis and performance measurements in clouds. Business/ economic aspects are of interest for both providers and users. Although several benefits of cloud computing are claimed (e.g., scalability, no up-front cost), an actual quantification of its economic benefits is not yet available, and several questions are still unanswered, e.g.: How can economic benefits (e.g., for both providers and users) of cloud computing (e.g., for commercial clouds, government clouds) be quantified? How performance can be predicted for clouds? Which are the business models for cloud computing? Which are the main decision criteria for service selection in clouds environments? Which are the most relevant economic theories to support the formal definition and economic performance in clouds? How can clouds be assessed?

This Workshop addresses broad issues on business modeling, auditing and assessment in clouds, aiming at gathering researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas, present and discuss their most recent achievements and lessons learned addressing these challenges related to business modeling and performance assessment aspects in cloud computing.

The submission of papers describing research and development work on business and economic related aspects on clouds is encouraged, e.g., new concepts and approaches related to business modeling and performance assessment, auditing techniques, tools and systems providing practical implementations supporting such models and approaches. Of high interest are also application papers discussing the power and applicability of these methods and techniques to real-world problems. This Workshop encourages papers presenting novel research and developments, and particularly values the practical experience gained from designing, building and using clouds.

Submissions of original and unpublished works are invited, including research, theory, and applications.
Topics of interested include but are not limited to:

- Business modeling for clouds (e.g., design, specification, operational processes and policies, value configuration, technical cost modeling, formal modeling for core aspects on business in cloud computing)

- Economics of clouds (e.g., costs, payoffs, costs vs. payoffs)

- Audit in clouds

- Design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of clouds

- Strategies and strategic decisions for cloud computing (e.g., concerning optimal resource utilization; selection criteria)

- Analytics of clouds

- Methods, frameworks and methodologies synthesized for clouds’ performance assessment (e.g., performance indicators, benchmarking methods, frameworks)

- Life-cycle management aspects on cloud computing

- Self-management aspects for clouds (e.g., instant management of assigned resources)

- Theories and approaches synthesized for clouds’ representation and formal modeling, and their economics (e.g., cost transaction economics)

- Performance predictability for clouds.

6. Expected Number of oral presentations: 12-15.
Expected number of participants: 30
Planned length of the Workshop: 1 day

Workshop Format Organization:
This Workshop is intended to be organized with oral presentations of the accepted articles, followed by two rounds ‘Workshop Knowledge Tea/ Café’ on two subjects on human factors in context-aware systems related to the papers ( e.g., in order to assure less formal discussions among session participants). A plenary panel and report will close this Special Session.

7. Plans for Publicity
This Workshop will be disseminated through the following channels:
- Workshop Web Page ( http://www.fe.up.pt/~melania/BMA_CLOUD_2010.html )
- Posting Workshop announcements
- E-mails to universities and companies.

8. Plans for Proceedings
The possibility to publish extended selected papers presented at this Workshop in a relevant ISI-indexed International Journal is currently analyzed.

10. URL of the Workshop Web site

Conference Acronym: 2010 WS BMA CLOUDS
Conference Email: cmchituc@fe.up.pt
Conference Site: http://confhub.thpin.cn/conf.php?id=182
Chair Mail: cmchituc@fe.up.pt
Paper Submission Deadline: 2010-03-10
Review Deadline: 2010-04-15
Conference Creating Date: 2010-02-11
Conference Tag:
When: 2010-07-05
Where: IEEE CLOUD 2010 Miami USA
You can not join the conference now.(Commencing Date: 2010-07-05.)                        

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