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Conference Name: The Third International Workshop On Real-Time Service-Oriented Architecture and Applications (RTSOAA 2010)
Description: As the paradigm service-oriented computing gains more prominence in the development of systems and commercial applications, the capability of guaranteeing service timeliness is becoming a critical feature that elevates an enterprise to the next level. Real time service-oriented architecture and application (RTSOAA) evolve the traditional service-oriented computing approach to the next level of excellence. RTSOAA presents a new set of emerging issues and challenges that are expected to be identified, resolved by the service-oriented computing community. This workshop is intended to provide an effective forum for researchers and industry practitioners to exchange research outcomes, issues, ideas, experiences, and lessons learned.

The theme of RTSOAA 2010 is Real-Time Cloud Computing. The examples of research topics include (1) scientific and engineering approaches to meet timing constraints and to select cloud-enabled services and resources for optimizing the tradeoff between cost and efficiency; (2) technical and managerial issues of real-time cloud computing: modeling, infrastructure composition, coordination, planning and scheduling, choreography, deployment, configuration, collaboration, monitoring and control, and governance. (3) real-time cloud computing platforms and infrastructures for supporting application domains such as Healthcare, Green Data Center, Large-Scale Analytics, Smart Cities, Workload Optimization Systems.
Conference Acronym: RTSOAA 2010-Workshops@SERVICES-2010
Conference Email: jjjeng@us.ibm.com
Conference Site: http://www.confhub.com/MyPapers.php?cid=183
Chair Mail: jjjeng@us.ibm.com
Paper Submission Deadline: 2010-04-21
Review Deadline: 2010-04-23
Conference Creating Date: 2010-02-14
Conference Tag:
When: 2010-07-05
Where: Miami, Florida, July 5, 2010
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