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Conference Name: IEEE 2012 SERVIES Workshop on Performance Aspects of Cloud and Service Virtualization (IEEE CloudPerf 2012)
Description: Cloud computing and service virtualization have progressed rapidly in recent years and face challenges of creating a highly efficient, secure, and transparent way to support the consolidation of all different kinds of legacy applications, packaged applications, and custom services. Performance related aspects of cloud and virtualization systems are becoming the bottlenecks for service implementation, deployment and commercial application and its operation. The cloud paradigm and services virtualization also come up with algorithmic and engineering issues as well as performance aspects not yet eminent but expected to grow with their spreading deployment and application, the scaling of the large cloud systems, and the dynamics of management and real time service performance. These new performance aspects may comprise, sometimes even deteriorate the efficiency, logical or physical transparency of cloud services, quality of isolation, fairness among virtualized systems, quality of synthetic services, scalability of the composition of virtualized services and of the management mechanisms for cloud centers and their operation patterns.

IEEE 2012 International Workshop on Performance Aspects of Cloud and Service Virtualization (IEEE CloudPerf 2012) is a forum for professionals involved in performance aspects of virtualized, autonomic and cloud computing systems. The goal of this workshop is to bridge the gap between theory and practice in the field of performance aspects including research, engineering, and industry related issues by providing a forum for sharing ideas and experiences between industry and academia, sharing and presenting their experiences, discuss challenges, and report state-of-the-art and in-progress research on performance aspects of cloud and service virtualization, including performance measurement, analytic modeling, simulation, performance engineering, benchmark design, and run-time performance management.

The workshop welcome various different kinds of papers that could formalize, simplify and optimize the performance aspects of existing cloud and virtualization infrastructures in science, engineering and business. The papers may address issues including performance models, performance engineering methods, and real world practices leading to cloud and virtualization services and solutions that provide users with efficient techniques for virtualizing and managing their own high performance cloud systems. Papers of applied research, industrial experience reports, work-in-progress and vision papers with different criteria for each category are also solicited. Extensions of selected papers will be published in a journal special issue.
Conference Acronym: CloudPerf2012
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Paper Submission Deadline: 2012-04-15
Review Deadline: 2012-04-20
Conference Creating Date: 2012-01-04
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When: 2012-07-24
Where: Hyatt Regency Waikiki Resort and Spa, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
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