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Conference Name: 1st IEEE Workshop on Service-oriented Community Coordinated Multimedia (SCCM 2008) @ICWS2008
Description: Personal experiences are being enhanced, augmented, and extended with ever increasing user
generated digital and networked multimedia and increasing number of people who are capable of
accessing the Internet, namely Community Coordinated Multimedia (CCM) experience. The CCM
experiences are manifested by a great number of rich potential applications, such as Youtube,
Wikipedia, online journalism, online learning, mobile TV, etc. To advance the CCM human
experience, efforts in research and development of CCM are strongly required to offer a
community-coordinated, Web-based, specific vendors-independent, evolving, and agile solution
environment in community management, multimedia computing, and multimedia communication.
Service-orientation is regarded as a distinct view of perceiving the software systems world. This
view is beneficial not only to break down a large problem into a series of individual concerns,
namely services, but also support registration, discoverability, and composability of services,
further evolution, extensibility and agility of a software system management. The service
orientation principles for modern software system design are gained and promoted through
contemporary SOA by introducing standardization to service registration, semantic messaging
platforms, and Web services technology.
This workshop aims to bring researchers and practitioners together for exploring applying service
orientation method and Service-oriented Architecture into the emerging area of Community
Coordinated Multimedia. The following topics are encouraged to be addressed, but not limited to
Conference Acronym: SCCM 2008 Workshop
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Paper Submission Deadline: 2008-05-07
Review Deadline: 2008-05-20
Conference Creating Date: 2008-04-15
Conference Tag: workshop on Service-oriented Community Coordinated
When: 2008-09-23
Where: Beijing, China
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