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Conference Name: Workshop on Services Computing Curriculum Initiative (SCCI 2008 Workshop) @ ICWS2008
Description: Services Computing has been recognized as a new
foundational discipline of the modern services industry.
But there are few systematic guidelines for
undergraduate and graduate programs. Services
Computing Curriculum Initiative (SCCI) is an attempt
to systematically integrate the best practices and result
in the creation of Services Computing degree programs
that are suitable for accreditation processes. Several
such initiatives have been launched in a number of
countries and regions.
The Technical Committee on Services Computing
(TC-SVC) within the IEEE Computer Society is leading
the SCCI, which are being contributed by a broad,
internationally based group of volunteers and
participants from industry, academia, and professional
societies. It is the belief of this broad based community
that an innovative and agile approach to curriculum
creation to meet the fast emerging needs for educating
and producing more future service-centric professionals
must be employed in the 21st century.
Conference Acronym: SCCI 2008 Workshop
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Paper Submission Deadline: 2008-08-24
Review Deadline: 2008-08-25
Conference Creating Date: 2008-04-15
Conference Tag: Workshop on Services Computing Curriculum Initiati
When: 2008-09-23
Where: Beijing, China
You can not join the conference now.(Commencing Date: 2008-09-23.)                        

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