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Conference Name: Second International Workshop on Service Intelligence and Computing (SIC 2008)
Description: In 2003, IEEE Computer Society formally promoted Services Computing by creating a technical community for Services Computing. From technology foundation perspective, Services Computing has become the default discipline in the modern services industry.In 2004, IBM Research officially adopted Services Computing as a research discipline (in Computer Science and Engineering, and Mathematical Science) and created the Services Computing Professional Interest Community (PIC), which is the first dedicated research community to support Services Innovation Research at IBM. In 2006, Service Science, Management, and Engineering (SSME) was evolved as one of the IBM's academic activities.
Conference Acronym: SIC-Workshop 2008
Conference Email:
Conference Site:
Chair Mail:
Paper Submission Deadline: 2008-06-18
Review Deadline: 2008-06-20
Conference Creating Date: 2008-06-08
Conference Tag: Workshop on Service Intelligence and Computing
When: 2008-09-23
Where: Beijing, China
You can not join the conference now.(Commencing Date: 2008-09-23.)                        

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