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Conference Name: IEEE 2008 International Conference on Web Services
Description: The IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS) has been a prime international forum for both researchers and industry practitioners to exchange the latest fundamental advances in the state of the art and practice of Web services, identify emerging research topics, and define the future of Web services. ICWS 2008 is sponsored by IEEE Computer Society. It is the sixth year of gathering to formally explore "Services" Science and Technology, which was formally promoted by IEEE Computer Society in 2003! From technology foundation perspective, Services Computing has become the default discipline in the modern services industry.
As a major implementation technology for modernizing services industry,Web services are Internet-based application components published using standard interface description languages and universally available via uniform communication protocols. As in the fifth consecutive year, the program of ICWS 2008 will continue to feature research papers with a wide range of topics, focusing on various aspects of IT services. Some of the topics include Web services specifications and enhancements, Web services discovery and integration, Web services security, Web services standards and formalizations, Web services modeling, Web services-oriented software engineering, Web services-oriented software testing, Web services-based applications and solutions, Web services realizations, semantics in Web services, and all aspects of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) infrastructure.

As the most prestigious academic conference in the field of Web services, the first International Conference on Web Services (ICWS 2003) was held at Monte Carlo Resort in Las Vegas , Nevada , June 23 - 26, 2003, attracting hundreds of participants from 25 countries. ICWS 2004 was held at Westin Horton Plaza in San Diego , California , July 6-9, 2004. ICWS 2004 attracted about 250 registered participants from 22 countries and regions. The joint ICWS 2005 and SCC 2005 has attracted more than 300 registered participants in Orlando, Florida, USA. Again the joint ICWS 2006 and SCC 2006 has attracted more than 300 registered participants in Chicago, Illinois, USA.The joint ICWS 2007 and SCC 2007 have attracted more than 400 registered participants in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. ICWS 2003 - 2007 have proven to be excellent catalysts for research and collaboration, and we fully expect that this coming ICWS 2008 conference will continue this trend.

The long-term goal of ICWS is to build up a reputable and respectable conference for the international community. It is very clear that the ICWS belongs to everyone.
Conference Acronym: ICWS 2008
Conference Email: servicescomputing@gmail.com
Conference Site: http://conferences.computer.org/icws/2008
Chair Mail: servicescomputing@gmail.com
Paper Submission Deadline: 2008-04-07
Review Deadline: 2008-05-20
Conference Creating Date: 2007-12-03
Conference Tag: IEEE, Web Services, Beijing, China
When: 2008-09-23
Where: Beijing, China
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