Basic Conference Service

Setting up a conference is free. And if your conference consists of sub ones, you need to pay $50 for each sub conference.

Basic Service are as follows

  • Set up your conferences at CONFHUB.COM. And enable users to retrieve, view and select your conferences(
  • CONFHUB will produce a detailed information page regarding your conference in line with your configuration and a special conference URL for you to spread and promote your conference
  • Set Administrators, Chairs and Reviewers for your conferences
  • You can choose to close or open your conferences temporarily
  • Set the submitting system of your conference.(Main topic and allowed formats of papers, etc)
  • Produce lists of papers according to status and allow paper retrieval
  • Set review criteria/standards for papers
  • Manually assign papers to reviewers
  • List review statuses of papers
  • List slots and sessions of conferences: List time, location and corresponding papers during the holding period of conferences
  • View, retrieve and gather statistics of conference participants
  • Calculate fees of registration
  • List conference participants of different registration types
  • List registered users of different types

Paper Service

  • Paper Submission and Review System If the number of papers submitted to your conference is less than 100, we will charge a fee of $3 for each paper. If the number exceeds 100, we will charge a fee of $2 for each paper.
  • Customize Paper Status
  • Customize Paper Submission Questions: you need to pay $30 for each conference
  • Customize Research Topics
  • Customize Review Questions: $30/conference
  • Customize Review Criteria: $30/conference
  • Paper Transfer(In and Out): $2/paper
  • Paper Review Services: you'll pay $3 for each reviewed paper
  • Paper Management: You'll pay $60 for a single conference
  • Review Management: You'll pay $60 for each conference
  • Assign Reviewers to Paper(manually)
  • Assign Reviewers to Paper(automatically)
  • Download & Pack all Papers: $20/conference
  • Print Papers/Reviews(In PDF or HTML): $30/conference

Registration Service:

    If you handle payment of registered users through Online Paypal, you need to pay $1 for each registered user as online registration service fee. If you handle payment of registered users by Offline Payment Means(say Check, Visa or Credit Card), you need to pay $2 for each offline registered user as offline registration service fee.

  • Customize registration questions: You need to pay $60 for each conference
  • Customize Special Registration Cost: you need to pay $30 for a parent conference
  • Selector Management: a selector is an registered user who HAVE SELECTED your conference in, you need to pay $1 for each selector
  • Statistics of registration fees: you need to pay $50 for each conference
  • Visa Letter Template Design: $60/conference
  • Visa Letter Generating Service: $5/request

Mailing and Information Service

  • Email Sending(regular mail service): $20/conference
  • Customize Email Body
  • If you want to invite registered CONFHUB users related to your conference topic to attend your conference, you should pay $100 for corresponding information service.
  • If you want to enjoy the mailing service to give notices to registered users of your conferences and set up unique mail templates, you will be charged $1 for each conference participants.

Other Services

  • Production Service of Conference Website ($60)
    You can enjoy website service provided by CONFHUB and manage your website using templates and content management system provided by CONFHUB. Under such a circumstance, CONFHUB will provide you with a sub domain. If you want your website to be customized, please contact us for negotiation.
  • Buying gifts on your behalf(Payment could be negotiated.)
  • Conference Publicizing(Payment could be negotiated.)